Sonos Stereo Speaker With Dolby Atmos in White - Era 300 (W)

Sonos Stereo Speaker With Dolby Atmos in Black - Era 300 (B)

Sonos Stereo Speaker With Dolby Atmos in White - Era 300 (W)

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Our Price $559 CAD
Our Price $559 CAD
Our Price $559 CAD

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With next-level audio that hits from every direction, Era 300 doesn’t just surround you, it puts you inside your music.

Feel more connected to all your audio content with phenomenally clear and spacious sound. Stream from all your favourite services and devices with WiFi and Bluetooth.Connect a turntable or other audio source using an auxiliary cable and the Sonos Line-In Adapter.Experience mind-bendingly realistic surround sound when you pair two Era 300 speakers with Arc and stream spatial audio with Dolby Atmos. Set up is easy, and control is even easier with the Sonos app, next-generation touch controls, and your voice.

Take your spatial audio experience above and beyond

Featuring six optimally positioned drivers all around the front, sides, and top to support Dolby Atmos Music, the breakthrough acoustic design projects sound from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, immersing you in every dimension of the Song


Make the whole room the sweet spot

No matter where you are or what you play, the listening experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Custom waveguides accurately disperse sound right, left, forward, and above, creating a sensationally spacious stereo soundstage you can feel all around the room.


An acoustic and aesthetic masterpiece

The first-of-its-kind design exquisitely balances sonic performance and visual appeal, precisely angling each driver while looking worthy of display.

  • Loaded into a directional horn, the upward-firing tweeter reflects sound off the ceiling to bring spatial audio content to life.
  • Supported by tweeters on either side, the center tweeterfills the room with dazzling vocals and lead instruments.
  • A pair of tweeters evenly covers the room for a consistent listening experience no matter where you're sitting or standing.
  • Widely spaced around the sides to minimize vibration, two high-performance woofers produce balanced bass. Custom waveguides enhance audio dispersion for an expansive soundstage.
  • Custom waveguides enhance audio dispersion for an expansive soundstage.

Play from any service or device



The best sound experience

Stream the highest-quality audio from anywhere in your home without interruptions from calls or notifications.



No missed connections

With the press of a button, you and your family and friends can stream directly from a paired Bluetooth device



Unlock new listening possibilities

Connect a turntable, computer, or other audio source using an auxiliary cable and the Sonos Line-In Adapter


Surround sound so real it's surreal

Experience mind-bending surround sound when you pair two speakers with Arc or Beam (Gen 2). Supercharged by Dolby Atmos, the lateral and overhead channels in each product create an all-encompassing soundstage.


Bewilderingly easy to set up

Go from unboxing to unbelievable sound in just a few minutes. Simply plug in the power cable, connect your phone or tablet to WiFi, and open the Sonos app.


Tunes itself for you

With a tap in the Sonos app, Trueplay™ tuning technology analyzes the unique acoustics of your space and optimizes the speaker’s EQ. So all your content sounds just the way it should.


Music comes standard

Discover free music, original content, and thousands of live stations from around the world on Sonos Radio. Find it in the Sonos app as soon as you set up your system.


Control your way


Touch, and go

Intuitive touch controls provide quick, screen-free control. Just tap or swipe to play, pause, adjust the volume, and group your Sonos speakers.


One app does it all like it’s nothing

The Sonos app brings all your content and settings together in one place for effortless control from any room.


Get extra help from Amazon Alexa

Ask Alexa to control your smart home devices, manage your calendar, and more.


Use your favourite app

Control Sonos directly from supported apps, including Spotify and TIDAL.


Share audio from your Apple devices

Stream directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. With the Apple Home app, you can even use Siri on your device to play Apple Music.


Your voice, your choice

Era 300 is designed for ease of listening and mind, with multiple ways to protect your privacy.


Privacy with a tap

Deactivate your voice assistants by tapping the speech bubble on top of the speaker. The light will also turn off. You will still have access to other mic-enabled features, like Trueplay™.


Security with a switch

Make sure no one accidentally activates your voice assistant by toggling off the switch on the back of the speaker. This disconnects all power to the microphone hardware for added security.


Responsible by design

Committed to listeners and the planet, Sonos is making sound decisions for a sustainable future.


Recycled plastics

In an effort to give materials a second life and minimize waste, Era 300 features 48% post consumer-recycled plastics.


Energy efficiency

Software efficiencies reduce power consumption when the speaker is playing audio and when it’s idle.


Eco packaging

Crafted from paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®, the exterior and interior packaging is 100% recyclable


Elevate your setup with accessories

Optimize the placement of your speaker with a custom mount or stand designed to minimize acoustic reflections and elegantly conceal the power cable.

Power SourceNearby electrical outlet
Sonos appThe latest generation of the Sonos app running on a compatible device
Box Contents
Box ContentsSonos Era 300
Power CableLength: 6 ft (2 m)
DocumentationQuickstart Guide and legal/warranty information
WiFiInternet connection
Power + Connectivity
CPUQuad Core :4xA55 1.9GHz
Memory8 GB DDR4 , 8 GB NAND
VoiceWorks with Sonos Voice Control and Amzon Alexa. Availability of services varies by language and country.
Apple AirPlay 2Works with AirPlay 2 on Apple devices iOS 11.4 and higher.
USB-CConnect an audio source using a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable and the Sonos Line-In Adapter.Connect your router with an Ethernet cable and the Sonos Combo Adapter
Voltage100-240V 50/60Hz internal power supply
WiFiCompatible with WiFi 6. Connect to WiFi with any 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax 2.4 GHz/5 GHz broadcast-capable router.
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0 supports audio streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device.
Details + Dimensions
LEDsLights on the product indicate connection, microphone activity, and mute status.
Mic SwitchToggle off this switch on the back of the product to disconnect all power to the microphone hardware.
Bluetooth ButtonPress to pair with a Bluetooth device.
ControlsUse the capacitive touch controls to play, pause, skip, replay, adjust the volume, mute your voice assistant, and group or ungroup Sonos products.
Weight9.85 lb (4.47 kg)
ColoursBlack, White
DimensionsHeight: 6.30 in (160 mm) , Width: 10.24 in (260 mm) , Depth: 7.28 in (185 mm)
MicrophonesThe far-field microphone array uses advanced beamforming and multichannel echo cancellation for quick and accurate voice control and Trueplay tuning. Disconnect by toggling off the mic switch.
Adjustable EQUse the Sonos app to adjust bass, treble and loudness.
TrueplayThis software measures the acoustics of the room then fine-tunes the EQ. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
WoofersTwo woofers maximize low-end output and are angled left and right to support stereo playback.
TweetersFour tweeters ensure faithful playback of high and mid-range frequencies. The forward-firing mid tweeter provides a smooth centre image while two side-firing mid tweeters create stereo separation. Loaded into a directional horn, the upward-firing tweeter reflects sound off the ceiling when playing Dolby Atmos content.
AmplifiersSix class-D digital amplifiers precision-tuned for the speaker's unique acoustic architecture power your sound experience.

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