Icom VHF and UHF Digital Repeaters - IC-FR6200H

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Fanless dPMR Digital Repeater Reliable 50 W Full Duty Operation

50W 100% Duty Cycle Operation

Employing a high performance power amplifier, together with the solid heatsink built into the chassis, the IC-FR5200H series provides 50Woutput at 100% duty cycle operation. No internal cooling fan required.

dPMR™ Mode 3 Digital Trunking

dPMR Mode 3 (Click for larger image) With the external controller, IC-FC5000E, the IC-FR5200H series can be used in a dPMR Mode 3 digital trunking system. A small number of communication channels are automatically and dynamically allocated to accommodate a large number of subscribers. The trunking sites can be interconnected over an IP network.

dPMR™ Mode 2, Analog FM and Mixed Mode

The IC-FR5200H series is compatible with both analog FM mode and dPMR single site conventional mode (Mode 2). Program digital and/or analog FM modes per channel. The mixed mode operation allows you to receive both analog FM and dPMR Mode 2 and to transmit either mode depending on the received signal.

32 Channel Capacity and 5 Programmable Buttons

The 12-digit dot-matrix display, 5 programmable buttons, 32 memory channels and internal speaker allow you to use the repeater as a simple base station or to check repeater activity. LEDs on the front panel show channel conditions.

Multiple CTCSS, DTCS Tone and CC Decode

The IC-FR5200H series decodes multiple CTCSS and DTCS as well as digital CC on a per channel basis (up to 16 tones/codes) and downlinks the received signal with a specified tone/code. This function is useful for sharing a channel with multiple groups.

19-inch Rack Mount, 2U Height Low Profile Design

The IC-FR5200H series uses only 2U height. This low profile configuration allows you to stack multiple units in an industry standard 19-inch rack and provides great space efficiency.

Other features

  • CW ID transmission
  • Digital voice scrambler provides 15-bit key (about 32,000 codes)
  • ±0.5ppm high frequency stability
  • D-SUB 25-pin accessory connector
  • Built-in inversion voice scrambler*
  • PTT priority setting (Local Mic., external PTT or repeater operation)
  • Built-in audio compander*
  • 5-Tone and DTMF encoder/decoder*
  • Normal and priority scan
  • Low voltage alert
  • Key assign stickers supplied

Rear panel view



(dPMR Version)

(dPMR Version)

Frequency coverage 136–174 MHz 350–400,
400–470 MHz
Number of channels Max. 32 channels
Channel spacing 6.25/12.5/20/25 kHz
Type of emission 16K0F3E, 14K0F3E, 8K50F3E,
Frequency stability ±0.5ppm
Antenna impedance 50Ω (Type-N × 2)
Operating temperature range –30˚C to +60˚C; –22˚F to +140˚F
Power supply voltage 13.2 V DC
Current drain
(at 13.6V DC)
TX 50W 11A
RX Max. audio/Stand-by 1.2A/550 mA typ.(LCD backlight OFF)
Dimensions (W×H×D) 483×88×360 mm
Weight 10kg (approx.)



(dPMR Version)

(dPMR Version)

Output power 50 W (adjustable to 5 W)
100% duty cycle (at 20–35˚C, 24 hours)
Max. frequency deviation ±5.0/±4.0/±2.5 kHz (W/M/N)
Spurious emissions 0.25 μW (≤1 GHz), 1.0 μW (>1 GHz)
Audio harmonic distortion 1% typ. (40% deviation)
Intermodulation attenuation 40 dB min.
Digital FSK error 5% Max.
Microphone impedance 600 Ω (8-pin modular)



(dPMR Version)

(dPMR Version)

Sensitivity Analog –10 dBμV max. (12 dB SINAD)
Digital 0 dBμV emf. max. (1% BER)
Adjacent channel selectivity (W/M/N) 86/83/75 dB typ. 79/76/71 dB typ.
(Digital) 67 dB typ. 63 dB typ.
Spurious response (W/M/N) 80 dB
(Digital) 90 dBμV emf
Intermodulation rejection (W/M/N) 75/75/73 dB typ. 72/72/71 dB typ.
(Digital) 76 dBμV emf typ. 76 dBμV emf typ.
Audio output power 3.5 W min. (5% distortion, 4 Ω load)
External speaker connector 2-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (1/8″)/4Ω

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